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The Fairy Couture lifestyle-fashion brand    designed for the iridescent Fairy Princesses, Mermaids, and Unicorns of the universe.

A dream built on consistent hustle, inspiring passion and the desire to Sparkl everyday! The future of fashion designed to enhance our customers unique figures, style and confidence. Uniquely hand crafted in downtown Los Angeles!  Our mission at Sparkl is impeccable quality, test for durability, and comfort for years to come. All of our products are made to order with the exception of, our signature best selling online products.

This feature gives our clients the opportunity to customize a Sparkl art piece as unique as they are. Expressing individual originality in an piece created to make them Sparkl. We don't follow trends, we create them with quality one of a kind art, hand made local production, and inspiring individuality. 

All of our Sparkl Fairys identify with at least one of our Sparkl inspirations, imagine the inspirational power unifying each individual to join the Sparkl Lifestyle. Togther we will inspire a movment that all dreams are created by our reality. 

"The most precious thing we have in this life is our ability is taking the ordinary and making something truly extraordinary." - G Sparkl 

Every Sparkl piece created goes through our designer, artist, and creative director Gabi Iwalani hands. The magic in fashion is the artistic intention that's set when it being made. Large corporations and mass producing will never produce a product with the amount of love and Sparkl we pour into each art piece.

Iconic Sparkl Images
The Sparkl Team
G Sparkl
CEO / Designer / Artist
G Sparkl the creator of all things Sparkl! Gabrielle Iwalani Hall was born a fairy on September 28th 1995. Raised on the fabulous islands of Kauai and Maui where she dreamed, wrote, created and imagined life beyond the sea. Determined to pursue her future in fashion she made the move to Los Angeles, California where she attended FIDM at seventeen. Her eager pursuit for knowledge, experience and growth landed her a job at Reverly Event Designers the best event design company in LA. The expression of my inner mind, body and soul. Love the life you live, Dream your own reality, & Sparkl with the confidence with in. I see in pastels of light blue, pink and lavender. Dreaming in the clouds, zero limits of expectation or restriction to what is possible. "Transforming the Ordinary into something Extraordinary" - G
Rita Lux
Creative genius, inspiring artist and the illustrator of our "Fantasy Fairy's" project! Rita Lichtwardt grew up in Burbank, CA close to her mother's animation desk. From an early age she has been playing around with art and sculpture. Her childhood was deeply influenced by comics, where she copied panels and drew lots of X-men characters. As a teen she dove deeper into art and character design, where she developed a collection of original characters and won a scholarship to Otis College of Art and Design. At Otis, she dove deep into anatomy, character design and storyboarding. After Otis Rita started working as a storyboard artist at an agency for commercials, then at Electronic Arts. From there Rita worked in feature animation doing storyboards for Illumination Entertainment on the animated film "Despicable Me" and other animated projects. Then freelanced doing illustration for Disney Consumer Products and Mattel Inc. Rita worked as an art director and illustrator for Mattel Inc. on Barbie and other toy brands for 5 years. Rita recently redesigned the Barbie illustration style for Consumer Products and Packaging. Rita started her fine art collection in late 2014, and continues to be inspired by the natural world, upcoming trends and styles.
Cinematographer / Photographer
The visionary director and soulful creator behind the camera tastefully delivers a fresh perspective by putting a new look to what ever it is he captures... Evolving as a photographer Jonkillz now adds new life in the video world... Sparkl has been making magic with Jon since 2014. He captures the fairy dream for what it truly is... magical! Explore his worldly traveled captures, and get to know his artistry. Working internationally and catering to a wide range of diverse clients around the clock, Jonkillz ambition along with his youthful spirit combindes a power house combo for a never endless world of imagination.
Sparkl Freatured Press
""Sparkl styled by the fabulous Dolls!""
Sparkl MI Fantasy Collection
Dollskill - August 22, 2018
""Changing the way we think about fashion, being extraordinary in our own way!""
The Sparkl
Glamour UK - September 01, 2018
""Taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary" "
Sparkl the Future of Fashion
Cosmopolitan UK - June 01, 2018
"Paris Hilton wearing Sparkl on the cover of Galore!"
Galore Threw a Lit VIP Dinner With Paris Hilton At Art Basel
"Paris Hilton does it all. She’s a model, a party girl, a TV personality, a singer, a New York Times bestselling author, a DJ, and most importantly, she’s a businesswoman."
Paris Hilton Galore Cover
"Sparkl Fairy Princess G and Unicorn Evelina unite to create magic!"
Sparkl EDC & Rave Outfit Ideas + DIY
Evelinas - June 19, 2015
Sparkl Laganja Estranja, YAS GOD!
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Sparkl Document Downloads
Sparkl Mi Fantasy Catalog
"The Sparkl Mi Fantasy Collection where dreams become reality!"
Sparkl 2.0 collection
"Sparkl's uniquest collection from the creating of the print, to printing the fabric to designing the silhouettes. It's 100% magic!"
Sparkl Glamorous Catalog
"An assortment of Sparkl accessories, tiaras and our original designs."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
""Always walk around like you have on an invisible tiara" "
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